Selected Commentaries and Articles


The Breathtaking Beauty of Our Planet's Destruction

Foreign Policy, September/October 2016

Frankenstein and the Problem with "Playing God"

Slate, January 2017

A Future We Can Imagine

Slate, September 2017

Should We Engineer Future Humans?

New America Weekly, December 2015

What Experiments to Block out the Sun Can’t Tell Us

Slate, January 2016


The Race to Preserve Disappearing Digital Artifacts
The Boston Globe, May 2015


Finding Order in the Apparent Chaos of Currents

The New York Times, September 2009


The US and Cuba: Reflections on Waiting

The Boston Globe, December 2014


An Emerging Threat to State Innovation

The Boston Globe, April 2015


Why We Were Not Better Prepared for an Ebola Outbreak

The Boston Globe, November 2014


The New York Times’ Book of Mathematics

(Contributor). Published 2013


The Queen of the Rubik’s Cube

The New York Times, December 2008


Microbes Eat Away at Pieces of History

The New York Times, June 2008

The Other Global Warming: A Cosmic View of the Planet’s Energy Crisis

The Boston Globe, January 2009


Where War Once Raged, Nature Now Prevails: A Sampan Tour on the Mekong River

The Boston Globe, December 2006


$1 Million to Inventor of a Tracker for ALS

The New York Times, February 2011


Block Island Embraces Offshore Wind Farm

The Boston Globe, October 2008


The Politics of Puppetry

The Christian Science Monitor, July 2007


Countries Make Push to Increase Eye Donors

The New York Times, July 2008


DNA from Ancient Coral Unlocks Climate Clues

The Boston Globe, December 2008


Contests Increasingly a Top Draw for Innovators

The Boston Globe, November 2009


Country, the City Version: Farms in the Sky Gain New Interest

The New York Times, July 2008


Why Can’t a Woman Man the Grill?

The Christian Science Monitor, June 2007


Sushi and Global Trade: A Review of The Sushi Economy

The Christian Science Monitor, June 2007


A Path Toward a STEM Teacher Corps

For the President of the United States, April 2013


Prepare and Inspire: A Report to President Obama on K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education

On behalf of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology, 2010